28. March 2017 – New Release Tool-Designer Sketcher

New Release Tool-Designer Sketcher

With the new March 2017 release, we have successfully extended TD Sketcher Suite for you to cover additional fields of application. Numerous improvements such as the new TD Sketcher ASSEMBLY for a handy tool assembly, default settings for materials and our fully integrated Remote Support Client are now available.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher ASSEMBLY

NEW Tool assemblies can easily defined, created and visualized within the new TD Sketcher ASSEMBLY out of single tool and tool holder or tool component. Different tool assemblies can be combined and managed as operations.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher SOLID

NEW The DXF import can split contours in single tool areas like tool tip, circumference and shank for a better defining of complex tools.

NEW Our Remote Support Client is fully integrated in the TD Sketcher for a fast support experience without extra installations.

NEW A separate core diameter let create a more detailed core and flute geometry.

NEW The new individual tagging of a tool makes the search easier.

NEW Tool holders can be defined in the same way as tool geometries.

NEW Long tools can be reduced by a specific value in the drawing with a breakline.

NEW Standard values for material-depended cutting geometries are manageable and selectable with an easy-to-use editor.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher DIAMOND

NEW The PCD blanks are available as parts lists and can be used in the drawings.

NEW The PCD material can be defined for each PCD blank.

NEW Better handling for carbide or PCD drill tips.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher 3D

NEW The OD margin on drills is now simulated.

NEW All 3D base-models can exported in the specific Siemens NX format.

Release Highlights TD Sketcher TIME

NEW Roughing operations are added to the profiles.

NEW The grinding calculation of rods is now available as a separate operation.

NEW Additional operations for a more precise calculation.


Numerous futher novelties and improvements.

Find out more about TD Sketcher Release (PDF)

Download the latest version directly from our server and fully test Tool-Designer Sketcher SOLID for 30 days for FREE! We are happy to provide our further TD Sketcher editions to you as a test version upon request.


31. January 2017 - ISBE receives quality label „Innovative Through Research“

ISBE receives quality label „Innovative Through Research“

It is with good reason that ISBE GmbH ranks among the innovative leaders in software development. The Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft honored ISBE GmbH’s commitment to research and development by awarding the company with the quality label „Innovative through Research“. From its foundation in 1997, ISBE GmbH focuses on innovation and offers sophisticated and easily manageable software solutions for tool manufacturers and tool users. In the field of research and development, ISBE GmbH works closely with universities and research institutes in order to be able to identify and implement the current and future market requirements.

Further informationen about the quality label (external link)

17. October 2016 – New Release ISBE CAD/CAM-System Tool-Designer Suite

New Release ISBE CAD/CAM-System Tool-Designer Suite

The new version of the ISBE CAD/CAM system Tool-Designer Suite and its core module TD WinNut is available. Discover the possibilities of the software for modeling grindable cutting tools fast and efficiently.

NEW With the new October 2016 release, the module TD Point has been extended to describe the point gashings of drills more detailed. Numerous parameters such as ahead of center, above of center, entry and exit angles have been added additionally.

NEW The additional option back chamfer in TD Point allows to individually crop the cutting edge behind the clearance angle.

NEW In addition to previous construction view, 2D simulation view can be activated when defining the point geometry. The result can be verified immediately after changing of parameters.

NEW Using ISBE TD ReCAD, STL data can be transferred very easily into reusable 3D STEP-models, no matter whether the STL data are created by measuring machines or by simulations. The advantages of reverse-engineering solution are numerous.

Find out more about TD Suite Release (PDF)

The team from ISBE is at your disposal for individual consulting. We will be happy to answer your questions during an online-presentation free of charge. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +49 (0)711 223298-70.


28. June 2016 – AMB 2016 - We exhibit!

From September 13th – 17th 2016, we are exhibiting at AMB in Stuttgart, Germany. We are pleased to invite you to visit us in hall 4, booth B43. We are looking forward to providing you with the latest information about our tradeshow highlights:

Smart Providing of Tool Data due to TOOLDATA 4.0

The flexible availability of digital tool data in particular of semi-standard and special tools give you the leading edge.

We will show you the solution!

Create models for PCD tools with insert pockets and flutes for base body production with no need of CAD and reuse them directly in CAM.

Benefit from the new TD Sketcher CAM!

Reproducible Tools by means of TOOLDESIGN 4.0

Develop perfect designed tools, virtually test and produce them in consistent quality - with the proper Software.

Convince yourself of the current possibilities!

Extension for Siemens NX

Optimize NC programs with XChange NX by means of tool databases directly with Production Module in Siemens NX.

Put the finishing touches to your production!

Learn more about the new release of our Tool-Designer Software TD Sketcher and TD WinNut, which we will present at AMB 2016.

Please contact us today to make an appointment. You will find us in hall 4, booth B43.

For further information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +49 (0)711 223298-70.

23. March 2016 – ISBE GmbH: Digital Tool Data in the focus of GrindTec 2016

After four interesting days, the software manufacturer ISBE GmbH from Stuttgart drew an extremely positive balance. Numerous technological innovations from the product lines Tool-Designer Suite and Tool-Designer Sketcher Suite were presented to many visitors at the ISBE booth.

The fair visitors met the product novelties of TD Sketcher with a great response. Tool drawings for quote and manufacturing as well as digital tool data and 3D models play an increasing role for the consistent use in CAD/CAM/NC systems and in tool management systems. Product extensions such as TD Sketcher DIAMOND for the design of PCD and HM tipped tools were especially well received.

In the new versions of TD WinNut and TD Sketcher, special attention was given to optimization of processes. The tool data can be generated and immediately available in various formats (DIN4000, DIN69874, BMG3.0 etc.) according to the customer requirements.

The new Tool-Data Selector also showed how to optimize the planning phase additionally. Seamlessly integrated in TD Sketcher or as a standalone solution, TD Selector searches for the required tool drawings, which can be edited by making a double click.

Dr. Claus Itterheim, CEO of ISBE GmbH, was pleased as well: “GrindTec 2016 exceeded once again our high expectations regarding visitors, new customers and new projects. We look forward to attending GrindTec 2018 on March 14th – 17th.”



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