12.01.2022 – Wir support the Children's Hospice in Stuttgart

This year, our Donation is once again helping to provide Small Moments of Happiness for seriously ill children and their families. We support this great work, because for us this commitment has a very High Value.

The Children's Hospice in Stuttgart is a space of tranquility, retreat and attentive support for Children suffering from a life-shortening disease and for their Families. The house – a renovated Art Noveau villa – is located on the outskirts of the city, with a wide view over Stuttgart and the surrounding valleys. The Team of the Children's Hospice is working at full speed under the current aggravating conditions to ensure an All-round Safe Stay for the residents and to create a Place of Well-being for them.

You can find more information on the Children's Hospice Stuttgart here.

15th December 2021 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Another turbulent year is drawing to a close and a new promising year - hopefully full of personal get-togethers - is on the horizon.

Thank You

... for a very Successful Year 2021 with you by our side. Despite all the difficulties, things were Looking Up - not just for us at ISBE, but for the whole Tool Grinding Industry. This makes us confident and motivates us immensely.

Thank you for your Trust, for the Contact and for the lively Exchange. Thank you for your always valuable Feedback. This is the engine that drives us.

Personal Reunions are Coming

We hope to see you again, have Eye Contact, informative and Lively Discussions about the possibilities and opportunities in the tool grinding industry - and all this preferably Face to Face.

2022 is a Big Revival of various Industry Get-Togethers, but not only this. ISBE celebrates it's 25th Anniversary.

After a 2-year lean period, we will be at four major Trade Fairs in the new year and have many small and also bigger Surprises in store to mark our Anniversary.

We are Looking Forward to See you in Person Again!

Visit us at the GrindTec, the GrindingHub, the Tool Symposium of Wernesgrün, the AMB, the JIMTOF and at other smaller events.

Take a glance at our Event Calendar to see all the details.

Merry Christmas and a Good Start into the New Year

We wish you Relaxing Holidays. Recharge your batteries and have a good start into the new year.

On December 21, we will also shut down our computers for a small Winter Break. From January 10, 2022 we are back again for you as usual.

And don't forget!

With the Autumn 2021 Release we have introduced a New Licensing System. Remember to update to the Latest Version by 31.12.2021 at the latest. If you have any questions concerning this, we will be happy to help you.

Take Care and Stay Healthy!

18 November 2021 – Curtain up for the New Releases of ISBE TD Suite and ISBE TD ReCAD

The Autumn 2021 Releases of the TD Suite with the core module TD WinNut and the Re-Engineering solution TD ReCAD are now available!

Discover the possibilities for fast and cost-effective modeling of cutting tools, now with a wide range of New Features!

New Licensing System

As already announced recently, we are introducing a new Licencing System with the Autumn 2021 Release. This means for you: Simpler Activation Process, increased Availability and more Flexibility! All you have to do for a seamless transfer is to Install the here announced New Release.

TD Suite Release Highlights

NEW:  Check geometries resulting from grinding operations directly in the Simulation with the 3D Measuring Function.

NEW:  Calculate a Constant Land Width for Unequally Spiralled Tools without additional secondary cutting edges.

NEW:  From now on, TD Suite recalculates automatically on request the Axis Position between the grinding wheel and the workpiece.

TD ReCAD Release Highlights

NEW:  We have inserted Thread and Roughing Profiles in the Walter Toolstudio Interface as new calculation variants.

NEW:  From now on, you can select Straight Twist Directions as new calculation option for Flutes.

NEW:  The 3D Measurement function is now also available in TD ReCAD.

The New Versions of TD Suite and TD ReCAD are available for all customers to download from our portal. For further information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

17 November 2021 – Curtain up for a New Release of the Tool-Designer Sketcher

Autumn 2021 TD Sketcher Release

Prepare yourself for a New Version of the ISBE TD Sketcher Suite! Discover the unprecidented possibilities of the Autumn 2021 Release!

New Licensing System

As already announced recently, we are introducing a new Licencing System with the Autumn 2021 Release. This means for you: Simpler Activation Process, increased Availability and more Flexibility!

All you have to do for a seamless transfer is to install the here announced New Release of the TD Sketcher Suite.

These are the Highlights

NEW: We have added HSK and SK mounts to the Shank Library, so you can now sketch Monobloc Tools in a flash.

NEW: Enjoy the Improved Alignment of Dimensions. From now on, adjust your dimensions left, right or centred per mouse click.

Optional export of the 3D STEP Model according to DIN/ISO as "Tool-In-Hand" model. Apart from the "Tool-In-Motion" Rotation Model, you can now also generate and export the flutes in the model.

...and much more!

To the new version

For all customers with premium support, the software automatically updates to the latest version in the background.

15 September 2021 - New Licensing System from Autumn 2021

Good news! We will introduce a new licensing system with the Autumn 2021 Release.

This means for you: Simpler activation process, increased availability and more flexibility! For a seamless transfer all you have to do is install the latest Autumn 2021 Version.

We have briefly bunched together all the important information on the change here:

  • All versions from Autumn 2021 onwards will run exclusively via the new licensing system.
  • If you purchase new licences or change existing licences from October 2021, we will always issue them automatically for the new system.
  • Previous licences will continue to function until their expiry date. We will port the licences to the new licensing system by 31.12.2021.
  • Ported licences are automatically downloaded and integrated from the latest version.
  • Systems running behind firewalls or without access to our licence servers must - as usual - be converted manually.

We recommend you to update to the Autumn 2021 Version by 31.12.2021 at the latest.

27 October 2020: Get ready for Digital Manufacturing

The rising rate of Corona infections has made us worry in the last days. Now it is certain: Due to the negative development of the corona incidence rates, the GrindTec cannot be carried out in November this year.

We are sad about it. We have been looking forward to finally see each other again. However, the reason for it is 100% Plausible. In the first place, we now have to Protect the people around us and ourselves and thus help to contain the Corona Pandemic as good as possible.

Cheer up!

No reason for us to stick our heads in the sand: We from ISBE take it now more than ever as a reason to push your business towards Digital Manufacturing and so prepare you for the current time and for the Future. Because this is exactly what is demanded of us now!

Digital Manufacturing now!

Be excited about a Revival of our Web Seminars and many more Digital Surprises! We show you how Digitization is possible in your company. Are you ready for it?

10 August 2020 - ISBE is "Innovative through Research"

This year we have been awarded again with the seal "Innovative through Research" by the Association for the Promotion of German Science and Humanities (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft).

The Association for the Promotion of German Science and Humanities, in German "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft", is one of Germany's biggest private promoters of research. Every second year, the association awards the seal to companies which perform outstanding work through innovative research and development in Germany.

We are very happy about this and feel encouraged in our ongoing and upcoming projects. We always want to offer our customers the Smartest Software Solutions for optimizing their internal operation processes. This is what we stand for!

1 August 2019 – We support the WILD BOYS!

We are proud supporter of the TVB Stuttgart WILD BOYS in the first German Handball League 2019/2020!

Go to the TVB Stuttgart


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