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July 2021: Summit Meeting for Research - IGF Matching

On July 6, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Anna Christmann, member of the Bundestag for Die Grünen / Bündnis 90, Peter Dültgen, managing director of the Forschungsgemeinschaft Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe (Research Association for Tools and Materials) and the AiF e.V. to our office in Stuttgart for the so-called IGF Matching. At a round table we discussed Funding Measures to support Research in medium-sized companies. We were eager to make clear what relevance this has for the topics of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in the Tool Grinding industry. Many thanks for the lively exchange. It's great to see that politics, the mid tier and research come together to push forward Innovative Ideas. Read the whole article!

(Written and published by AiF e.V., 2021-07)

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February 2021: How Digitization can Succeed

The Switchover to digital manufacturing confronts the Tooling Industry with major challenges. In our extensive report, published in issue 1/2021 of the journal Digital Manufacturing, we explain in detail how Digitization in the tooling industry can succeed. (p.26-27, Digital Manufacturing 01/2021)

Please note: The article is written in German.

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January 2021: Good Combination

Good combination! Thanks to our software solutions, our customer Schreurs Tools GmbH now has access to Tool Data, wherever it is needed. For example, he can provide the digital tool data directly from the ISBE TD Sketcher Suite with measuring and test instructions and import it into the Helicheck Plus measuring machine from Walter Maschinenbau GmbH without any additional programming effort. Other machines can be connected to the GDX®box in no time and the data can be generated either as GDX or in machine-specific format.

(Published on, 28.01.2021)

Please note: The article is written in German.

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December 2020: Werkö GmbH - From the Drawing Board to TD Sketcher 3D

The Werkö GmbH, a leading supplier of precision cutting tools, tells about 80 years of company history. Our TD Sketcher 3D is part of the story (p.75/76).

(Published by Forum 04-2020, article in German)

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September 2020: Smart Working for the Tool Industry

Digital Transformation is really taking off, especially in this difficult year. Almost every company is now forced to face the changeover to digital. Learn how "Smart Working" becomes practiable for tool manufacturers.

(published by hp tooling, 03-2020)

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